Government’s Appeal of Federal Drug Charge Dismissed On Bradford Ladner’s Motion A motion to dismiss filed by William K. Bradford ended a Federal drug charge appeal by the Government, and led to the dismissal of all drug charges against the client.  The client’s trial counsel had successfully argued a motion to suppress the evidence found […]

Federal Gun Case Reversed On Appeal

11th Circuit Sends Federal Gun Case Back For New Trial Based On Prosecutor’s Improper Comments A recent unpublished opinion from the United States Circuit Court for the Eleventh Circuit regarding  a federal gun case shows that the 5th Amendment and its protections must be taken seriously.   The defendant was facing a 10 year sentence […]

U. S. Supreme Court – Federal Jurisdiction and Military Bases

Supreme Court Rules on Federal Jurisdiction Question Regarding Military Bases’ Enforcement of 18 U.S.C. §1382 The United States Supreme Court issued an opinion in February regarding federal jurisdiction on military base issues in relation to a federal criminal statute making it a crime to reenter a military base once you have been ordered to stay […]

Employer Required Mental Exam Not ADA Violation

The Eleventh Circuit Rules that Employer Required Mental Exam is not ADA Violation In this case, a Coca-Cola company employee claimed an ADA violation when his employer required him to take a mental examination in order to return to work from paid leave. The employer required the employee to undergo psychiatric /  psychological fitness for […]