B Metro Magazine Names Bradford Among Birmingham Top Lawyers The March 2016 edition of B Metro Magazine  compiled a list of Birmingham Top Lawyers for 2016 based on a survey of local attorneys as well as a review of attorney listings and rankings according to AVVO.  William K. “Chip” Bradford was named among those chosen as a Birmingham […]

Appeal Decided On Timeliness Of Mechanics Lien

Opinion In Mechanics Lien Appeal Speaks to Filing Deadline In the recently decided appeal of Massey Asphalt Paving, Inc. v. Lee Land Development, Inc., the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals more clearly defined the deadline for filing an Mechanics Lien in Alabama. Alabama Code § 35-11- 215 requires a contractor to file a statement of […]


The United States Released its Landmark Same Sex Marriage Decision June 26, 2015 – Same Sex Marriage Decision released but the United States Supreme Court today.  Read the full decision below.   14-556_3204 Same Sex Marriage Decision

Court of Civil Appeals Adopts Email Evidence Ruling

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals Adopted Email Evidence Holding By Criminal Appeals Court As posted earlier this year, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals issued an opinion addressing the admission of email evidence at trial.  This  week the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals adopted the holding of the Criminal Appeals decision in Smith v. […]

Requirements for Admission of E-mail Evidence in Alabama Criminal Trial – New Appellate Decision

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals Issues Decision Setting Out Requirements For Admission Of E-mails In Alabama Criminal Trial In a decision  announced November 21, 2014 by the Alabama Court Of Criminal Appeals, the appellate court set out for the first time the evidentiary requirements for the admission of email evidence in an Alabama criminal […]

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals – Miller v. Alabama Not Retroactive

Decision From Alabama Criminal Appeals Court Holds Miller v. Alabama Is Not Retroactive On Collateral Review In this Alabama criminal appeal, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals examined the issue of whether the U. S. Supreme Court holding in Miller v. Alabama should be applied retroactively so as to require new sentencing hearings for juveniles […]

Smell Of Methamphetamine Lab Justifies Warrantless Search

Alabama Supreme Court Holds That Warrantless Search Authorized Based On Odor Of Methamphetamine Lab In State v. Clayton, 1130012, 2014 WL 1328302 (Ala. Apr. 4, 2014) the Alabama Supreme Court addressed whether exigent circumstances existed so as to allow law enforcement to enter an apartment, suspected of containing a methamphetamine lab, without a warrant. The […]

Opinion On Time Limit To File Drug Forfeiture Released

State Waits Too Late To File Drug Forfeiture Case The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals released an opinion on March 7, 2014 in which it held that law enforcement authorities waited too late to file a drug forfeiture case.  In the case of Hall v. State of Alabama, law enforcement seized $16,038.00 during a traffic […]

Bradford Speaks At Death Penalty Criminal Defense Seminar

William Bradford Speaks At ACDLA Death Penalty Criminal Defense CLE William K. “Chip” Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP. was a featured speaker at a recent criminal defense seminar put on by the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.  The ACDLA 2014 Death Penalty Seminar featured a number of speakers talking about current issues facing criminal defense […]


Alabama Supreme Court Rules – Rule 32 Resentencing Subject To Review The Alabama Supreme Court has issued a decision ruling that Rule 32 resentencing is subject to review in the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.  In Ex part Walker, ___ So.3d ___ (2014) (Jan. 17, 2014) the defendant had applied for relief under a Rule […]