Bradford Featured Speaker Speaking at AIM CLE Seminar 2012

Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney Bradford Speaks on Topic of Eyewitness Testimony

Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney William K. “Chip” Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP. will speak at the 2012 Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South, Inc. Seminar on November 30, 2012. Bradford will speak on Eyewitness Identification in Criminal trials.  Eyewitness identifications are used as evidence in many Alabama criminal courts.  Jurors tend to place great reliance on eyewitness testimony.  However, eyewitness testimony has been proven to be highly unreliable.  Psychological studies show that human memory is affected by many outside influences which can shape and change our recollection of events.  In the context of Alabama criminal defense law, it is crucial to review the police investigation to determine if some intentional or unintentional suggestive behavior has influenced the eyewitness.  It is also important to educate the jury on why eyewitness identifications are often unreliable.  The presentation will focus on the evaluation of eyewitness identification issues Alabama criminal cases.  AIM provides insurance for attorneys throughout Alabama, and offers this yearly seminar to its policyholders each year to keep them abreast of the law.

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