alabama appellate lawyersAlabama Appellate Lawyers at Bradford Ladner, LLP Handle Alabama Federal and State Appeals in Criminal and Civil Matters

The Alabama appellate lawyers at Bradford Ladner, LLP combine their years of experience handling criminal and civil appeals with superior analytical and writing skills to make the very best possible presentation of your case to the appellate court.

Appellate courts are limiting the number of oral arguments and deciding criminal and civil appeals on the basis of written briefs more than ever.  Because of our painstaking work, knowledge of the law, and writing skills, the Alabama appellate lawyers at Bradford Ladner, LLP can present your case on appeal effectively and correctly.

The lawyers at Bradford Ladner, LLP have handled countless criminal and civil appeals throughout Alabama in State and Federal courts.  The appeals often involve complex issues of constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, administrative law, and statutory interpretation. The Rules of Appellate Procedure are highly technical and demanding; you need Alabama appellate lawyers who are experienced in complying with all the rules and procedures of the appellate courts , but who are at the same time passionate about your case.

We are committed to protecting your rights on appeal and providing you the highest level of appellate advocacy.  Our appellate attorneys prepare briefs and present cases in all of the appellate courts in Alabama, including the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Alabama Supreme Court and the Federal Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

In addition to direct appeals, the Alabama appellate lawyers at Bradford Ladner LLP also represent clients in post-conviction petitions, including Rule 32 petitions, Federal § 2255 petitions, habeas corpus petitions, and writs of certiorari.  Success at the appellate level takes persistence, painstaking preparation, a thorough knowledge of the law and the record on appeal. It is essential to retain the services of experienced Alabama appellate attorneys who have a command of the law and the ability to present your case to the appellate court in written briefs and through oral argument.

William K. “Chip” Bradford of Bradford Ladner, LLP has nearly 30 years of experience handled federal criminal cases and appeals, state criminal appeals, divorce appeals, administrative appeals, and civil appeals.  After earning a degree in paralegal science, Bradford worked his way through law school by researching the law and assisting practicing attorneys drafting appellate briefs. The years of work and the countless appeals have provided Bradford with an extensive knowledge of appellate issues and arguments.

Mr. Bradford is a member of The Alabama State Bar Appellate Section, The Legal Writing Institute, an associate member of The American Society of Legal Writers, and Clarity International.

If you need assistance with an appeal or post-conviction petition, please call the Alabama appellate lawyers at Bradford Ladner, LLP.