winning on appealWinning On Appeal Takes Experience, Knowledge & Expertise

Disappointing results happen in court, and parties are not always satisfied with the results of a trial.

A civil litigant fails to get the relief they desperately needed……..

A criminal defendant is convicted despite solid evidence supporting their defense…..

An appeal to a higher court may bring relief, but the appeals process is complex. Every decision is crucial, starting with the decision whether to appeal at all.   The rules governing appeals are  and complicated and must be followed to the letter in order for any appeal to be successful.  

Winning on appeal is not the product of luck….but the product of good decisions based on years of experience, knowledge of the law, and the exercise of expertise.  

The best advice to those considering an appeal is to seek the advice of an experienced Alabama appellate lawyer.  An appellate lawyer understands that the  appeals process is vastly different from the process of the trial. They know that the strategies used to obtain a successful result  in an appeal  are markedly different from those used during the trial.

William K. “Chip” Bradford is an Alabama appellate lawyer with over 20 years of experience representing clients before the State and Federal Courts of Appeals.  Bradford stands ready to consult with you about your case and the decision to appeal.

Amber L. Ladner is an Alabama Criminal defense lawyer with years of experience helping countless clients obtain favorable results in on criminal charges in trial and on appeal.